Best Happening Place Near Pune:

I always feel that spending some time in a group gives us lots of happiness and its true. Whenever I am falling down and I spend some time with friends, I usually feel a lot better. Spending our holidays and special events with others can help you to surround yourself with the happiness of others.

For a birthday celebration, anniversary celebration or for a family get together. We always search place which gives you multiple things at once that means peace, the beauty of nature, a lot of fun, good quality food. Pawana Lake Camping is Best camping Place in Maharashtra. Here you will get all the above things. Camping village is located on Pawna dam nearly 15-20 km from Lonavala station and 45 km from Pune and 130 km from Mumbai.

Camping is similar to a homeless person’s lifestyle, it involves many common things like sleeping out and preparing meals over a fire. The main attraction of this place is the Tent Stay.
Here you will not only enjoy a tent stay and lakeside view but also BBQ, Campfire, games, and boating.

Tent Stay

Some interesting places near Pune :

1.Pavna Lake:

Pawna lake is the best place for camping in Maharashtra. Lake looks more beautiful during monsoons when surrounding is green.

Here You will Enjoy lakeside stay in tent with BBQ, Campfire, games and boating at Pawna lake.


Ghangad is a fort situated in the Sahyadris, near to Lonavala is in Pune District. The fort is situated between different forts like Korigad, Tailbaila, and Sudhagad.Its located in the heart of Tamhini Ghat.
TailBaila is situated in Lonavala region with two big walls about 200 to 250 Feet.

3.Narayani Dham Temple:

Sri Narayani Dham is a religious place located in Dhankawadi area of Lonavala. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Narayani and is one of the famous places of sightseeing in Lonavala.

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